Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is crowdfunding for universities ?
Crowdfunding is an online platform facilitating societal participation in contributing to the generation of income. Members of the public can easily donate money directly based on their wishes and preferences for university projects. More importantly, crowdfunding provides greater transparency to ensure public confidence and continued support. Examples are mobilisation of students, commercialisation of projects, community outreach projects, and industry-related projects.
2. What Is Waqf ?

In Islamic terms, waqf refers to a religious endowment—a voluntary and irrevocable dedication of one's wealth or a portion of it. It can be in the form of cash or properties (such as land or buildings), and is disbursed for Shariah-compliant projects (such as mosques, learning institutions, hospitals or public amenities). Once a waqf is created, it can never be donated as a gift, inherited, or sold. Disbursement of its returns is done in accordance with the giver’s wishes.

3. Types of waqf ?
  1. General Waqf, which refers to an asset given by a party (al-waqif) without any specific stipulations on how it should be used. The asset (such as the property or cash) can be freely managed by a Mutawalli (sole trustee), in accordance with Shariah;
  2. Specific Waqf, which refers to an asset given by a party (al-waqif) with specific stipulations how it should be used. The asset (such as the property or cash) must be managed by a Mutawalli, in accordance to the specific stipulations of the giver and Shariah.
4. What Is An Endowment ?

Endowments represent money or other financial assets that are donated to universities. The purpose of an endowment is to provide a perpetual source of support for the university and its mission. In managing an endowment, the principal is invested so that the total asset value will yield an inflation-adjusted principal amount, along with additional income for further investments and operational expenditures.


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